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Mr Anuj Jaikaran
Qualification-Masters Degree in Business Management.

Specialisation- As a new generation entrepreneur he possess commanding knowledge of all kinds of toothpaste category and its manufacturing nitty gritty. He has been extending his consultation to different companies regularly within and outside India for installation of plant and machinery especially for toothpaste production. Apart from the in-depth manufacturing knowledge, he also has command on the formulation and technical aspects of toothpaste. He is a passionate enthusiast and promoter of automation at a maximum level. Apart from toothpaste manufacturing he has complete understanding of making and most importantly implementing the systems. He is currently looking after all the administrative and export activities of the company and brings to the management portfolio an experience of over 15 years in the field of manufacturing.

Dr Airicha Mittal
Head – Research & Development
Qualification- BAMS, Certified Disease Prevention Nutrition Interventionist, University of California, San Francisco, USA

Specialization: A renowned Ayurvedacharya of the modern new age era. Dr Airicha Mittal has a wide knowledge of Ayurveda and have vast experience in treating her patients with minimum medication. Her emphasis is on keeping a person healthy using natural resources rather than regular medicines. Dr Airicha Mittal has developed some unique techniques for extraction of actives from the herbs and she presents them in a manner, that it becomes part of routine rather going for regular medicines.

Dr Rajesh Bansal
Head – Pre Development Testing
Qualification- B.D.S, PGCOI

Specialization: A dental surgeon with more than 12 years of practice in testing products in the R&D stage. Dr Rajesh Bansal has a command on his profession and is the most sought after when it comes to oral care. Being an essential part of Dr. Jaikaran Team, Dr Rajesh Bansal has tested the newly developed products on the highest parameters of modern medicine.

Dr Kamal Bansal
Head – Quality & Product Analysis
Qualification- BAMS, CAMBRA from University of California, San Francisco

Specialization: Product analysis is an extremely essential part in offering a complete product to the society. Dr. Kamal being an Ayurveda expert, has a vast knowledge of herbs and to add to the credentials Dr. Kamal Bansal has degree of Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA) from the University of California, San Francisco. In fact Dr Kamal Bansal has the rarest combination of credentials and has deep knowledge for the reasons of Oral problems.