Herbodent Neem 7in1 100g

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Herbodent Neem 7in1 Toothpaste



  • Neem 7 in 1 is a combination of 5 herbs with XYLITOL & Baking Soda.
  • A Unique formulation by Dr. Jaikaran with 5 herbs. Neem ​a well ​known ​Anti bacterial herb ​​for gum care benefits​. ​Clove ​is ​known for ​gum protection, gum ​strengthening​ & household toothache remedy. Black Seed known for its anti-germ properties​. Freshness of ​Cardamom & Mint ​gives a longer lasting pleasant feel.

1 review for Herbodent Neem 7in1 100g

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